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Going Through a Divorce in Cincinnati, and Need to Sell a House Fast?

No one plans on going through a divoce, and often the process can be difficult and complex. If home ownership was a part of your marriage, and now you are looking for a way to turn the house into cash … I can help.

There are many reasons to sell a house, but few can be as problematic or frustrating as divorce. Divorce is already complicated enough without worrying about finding a real estate agent, listing the house, and waiting around for the right buyer to secure financing & close the sale. The situation is only exacerbated if the house is one lingering detail preventing you from finalizing the separation process.

That’s why, as a Cincinnati real estate cash buyer, I can help you speed the process by buying your house outright, for cash. Plus, as a cash buyer, I can close fast, regardless of your current situation with the property.

Selling Your House to a Cincinnati Cash Buyer: the Hassle Free Way to Getting on With Your Life

One of the best parts about selling to a cash buyer like myself is that you avoid all the hassles & complexities of the listing process. You don’t need to sign any listing contracts or pay any broker fees. You don’t need to get the house into “move in condition” or worry about showings & open houses. You don’t even need to wait around for the right buyer to come along … because if I make you an offer, you can be sure I am ready and able to buy!

In the end, the most important factor is concluding the divorce quickly and as painlessly as possible. If selling your house is a major part of that, you need to get in touch. Either fill out the form above, or feel free to contact me directly to learn about my process & hear my no-punches-pulled straight-talk advice on your options pertaining to your Cincinnati house.

There’s no sense in putting it off any longer than you have to, so contact me right away!

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