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Have You Inherited an Estate House in Cincinnati That You Need to Sell?

The number one reason people choose to sell a house or other real estate to me is as part of a Cincinnati estate sale. If you’ve inherited a house that is in a trust or estate, or a house that is going through the probate process, selling to a local cash investor like CincyBuyer is one of your best options.

Often times, when people inherit a Cincinnati home, they are not in a position to easily get the house ready for an open listing. If the house needs some work, has liens, judgements, or title issues, or is simply full of years worth of personal effects and belongings, it can be an uphill battle to get it cleaned up, repaired, and ready for sale to a private buyer through an agent listing.

What’s worse, is that if the house ends up sitting for any significant period of time, additional expenses will start piling up, like taxes, maintenance costs, and debt obligations. That’s why it makes a lot of sense, when you’ve inherited a home via will, trust, or probate, to act decisively and sell the house as soon as possible.

Cincinnati Estate Sale: Selling Your Estate House the Fast, Easy, Convenient Way… for CASH!

There is no easier, faster, more convient & hassle-free way to sell your Cincinnati estate property than selling to a local cash buyer like myself. I can make you a ball-park offer within only a few days of our first interaction, and can typically close on a sale within only 7-14 days after that.

Even if your Cincinnati estate house is still going through the probate process, or is not yet able to be sold due to obligations set forth in a will or trust, I am happy to speak to you to help guide you through the process of making a fast, efficient sale as soon as you are able.

If you are thinking about selling a house as part of your Cincinnati estate sale, whether it is in perfect condition, or whether it needs some work, please fill out the form above, or contact me as soon as possible.

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