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Need to Sell a Cincinnati House Fast After Your Listing Has Expired?

Aside from the rampant foreclosures, homeowners struggling to stay up-to-date on mortgage payments, and Cincinnati houses with “upside down” mortgages … one of the most common problems caused by today’s weak real estate markets is the painful extension of time the average property for sale sits on the market. Across the United States, from 2011 – 2012, the average time it took to sell a house was between 81 – 106 days. However, in Cincinnati my suspicion is that these numbers are even higher. In some neighborhoods, it is not unusual to see a house sit on the market for 5 or 6 months, without hardly even receiving an offer!

Whether you’ve already moved out of the house for sale, or you are still living there – dealing with regularly showings & open houses … waiting around for the better part of a year for someone to buy is quite the ordeal. The hassles, costs, and stress from the situation all add up to a rather unpleasant situation. Seeing as the typical real estate agent’s listing contract lasts between 90 – 180 days, it is not uncommon to see a listing expire (sometimes multiple times) before the property ever sells.

There Is a Better Way to Sell Your Cincinnati Home … Even After the Listing Expires!

To put it bluntly: you are actually better off selling to an investor like me after your listing with a real estate agent has expired. That’s because in almost every case, the seller pays most (if not all) of the agent’s commission… so if you wait to sell to me after your property is no longer under contract with an agent, you’ll save yourself the 5-7% commission fee you’d otherwise be paying to the agent or broker.

Now, I’m not recommending you try to avoid paying agent fees, as real estate agents do a grueling, difficult job – especially when the markets are tough as they are today. When they can help you find a qualified buyer and close a sale on your property, you can be sure they are earning every penny you pay to them!

However, if your listing on the open market doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, and you’re looking for another option once the property is no longer under contract… then you might want to consider cutting out the middle man and selling directly to a local cash buyer.

It is all too common these days for homeowners to come to me after a listing has expired, which is why I have several resources on this site specifically relating to that exact situation. To start with, I recommend you spend some time looking over the following:

Once you’ve had a look at those above pages, specific to your situation, if you still have questions, remember to check out our “Questions?” and “Benefits” pages.

Of, if you’d prefer to speak to me directly, remember you can contact me any time.

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