Selling Your Home Due To Relocation?

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Selling Your Home Before You Relocate?

One of the most difficult situations to deal with when it comes to selling a houst is relocation. Often, you won’t receive more than a few months advanced notice, which, in today’s market, can be a major problem if you are a homeowner who needs to sell your Cincinnati house before you can move away! Since the average time it takes to sell a home in 2011 & 2012 is between 81 – 106 days … this can present a major challenge.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll be able to get the house sold in time, you might find yourself imagining the worst case scenario: living in a new location, paying a new mortgage, but still being responsible for selling a house back here in Cincinnati. Obviously, this is the situation you want to avoid most of all.

It’s Slow To Sell A Cincinnati House In This Market…

If your goal is to get the house sold fast, going through a local real estate agent can be unpredictable. Even listing a house well below its “fair market value” won’t ensure a fast sale in today’s market. Buyers are finding it more difficult than ever to get financing. Plus, with so many houses on the market, it is all too common for a potential buyer to back out at the last minute because they’ve found a better deal.

Long story short: there are no guarantees of a fast sale from an open listing in today’s real estate markets.

If you have a concrete date when you’ll be moving to a new town, that means you can’t wait for the right buyer to come along to get the house sold. You need to get the sale closed fast, because there are plenty of more important issues upon which you need to focus your attention when you’re relocating to a new area.

Sell Your House Fast & Hassle-Free to a Local Investor!

One of the best solutions if you are relocating and need to sell your house fast is to sell it to a local investor like me. For one, I am a cash buyer, so I will never back out due to financing issues. Plus, that means when I make you an offer, that offer is serious, and I am ready to close ASAP. As a cash buyer in the Cincinnati area, I can take all the hassles & headaches out of listing your property, because you’d be selling directly to me. You don’t even need a real estate agent – or to waste time & energy showing the house.

Simply fill out the form above or contact me directly for a cash offer on your house. Typically, I can close within 2 weeks from our first interaction – so don’t delay! Contact me right away.

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