Selling Your Cincinnati House “As Is”

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Selling a “Handyman Special” House In Cincinnati?

If you are selling your Cincinnati house that needs repairs (aka a “handyman special”), then I want to talk to you! Many of my best deals are made when someone needs to unload a property that needs a lot of work. However, I am also more than happy to buy properties that only need some minor repairs and clean-up. Ultimately, one of the values I can provide to you as a homeowner is that I buy in “as is” condition … regardless of exactly what that condition is.

Some sellers come to me with a property that has slowly deteriorated over the years… perhaps sitting vacant, or perhaps left to an irresponsible tenant. In other cases, sellers come to me with an estate property they have inherited that needs more work than they can afford before it will be ready to list on the open market. In still other cases, I have bought properties from fellow investors who purchased a “fixer-upper” to fix and flip … but underestimated the workload and/or costs of getting the property ready to sell.

Regardless of the circumstances leading up to the current situation, I will be happy to consider buying any property, regardless of the amount of repairs, renovations, or clean-up it will require.

Sell Your Cincinnati Real Estate In “As Is” Condition!

If you are in a situation where you need to sell a house that requires significant repairs, renovations, or clean-up before it will be ready to list on the open market – don’t delay! Contact me right away. I have bought many properties where the homeowner decided to do some of the repairs, but stopped short of getting the property into “move in” condition. If you are considering doing only some of the repairs, but not all of them… DON’T!

At least, not until you’ve spoken to me and heard my offer.

In nearly all cases, you won’t get the money back you’ve invested into repairs and clean-up on a property. Even if you are doing the work yourself, unless you are committed to making all the repairs the property needs, the return on your investment of time, energy, and material costs will be insignificant.

The difference between a totally renovated, updated, modern house that is ready for a new homeowner to move in … vs. a house that is mostly renovated, somewhat updated, and still needs a bit of work before someone can move in with their family is like the difference between night & day.

In other words: unless you are a construction professional with an intimate understanding of the local real estate market, fixing up a house on your own is almost never worth the investment. Instead, I highly recommend you consider selling to a cash investor like me, who is prepared & equipped to take over the burden, buying the property in “as is” condition.

If you’re ready to talk, feel free to fill out the form at the top of this page, or click here to contact me directly.

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