Selling Your Cincinnati Vacant House

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Need To Sell Your Vacant House in Cincinnati?

Selling your Cincinnati vacant house can seem like a daunting task. There are many possible reasons why a house may end up sitting vacant. Perhaps you have moved to a new house, but have not yet sold the old one. Perhaps it was a rental property that is currently unoccupied. Perhaps you have inherited a house, and simply haven’t had a chance to sell or rent it. Or perhaps you are an investor who has a problem property that is just … sitting. Regardless of the reason, in most cases a vacant property is a problem.

For one, an obviously vacant property tends to attract all the wrong kind of attention. Whether it is the local neighborhood kids, littering, breaking windows, and leaving graffiti in their wake, or the local criminals looking for easy pickings, stealing valuables like brass, appliances, and fixtures … a vacant house is a house just waiting for trouble.

Plus, even though no one lives there, a vacant house requires notable expenses for upkeep and maintenance – just to prevent further deterioration! In the winter, you’re responsible for required utility costs just to prevent damage (unless you choose to simply choose to winter-proof then pray nothing is broken come spring). You of course will be responsible for any relevant taxes, homeowner fees, and any other costs inevitably incurred as a result of home ownership.

One way or another, if you have a vacant house, you need to take action. The only problem is choosing what action to take.

What Can You Do With a Vacant Cincinnati House?

When it comes right down to it, unless you plan to move in to the house, you basically have three options:

  1. Rent or Lease the House to Tenants
  2. Fix It Up & Sell the House Through a Listing Agent
  3. Sell the House Privately (to a Handyman or Investor)

In any case, if the house has sat vacant for more than a few months, there will be definitely be work that needs to get done before you can even consider option 1 or option 2. No matter what, you will need to do some clean-up and basic maintenance. You’ll likely need to repaint some rooms, perhaps steam some carpets & refinish wood floors, and do basic landscaping & yard work. If the property has sat vacant for any longer, there are likely to be more major repairs required … repairs which will make it nearly impossible to sell or rent the house.

Of course, you could also just save yourself the trouble, and choose to sell the to a cash buyer like me.

In that case you wouldn’t need to worry about repairs, clean-up, or any other maintenance whatsoever. In fact, since we buy houses in “as is” condition, you could literally just contact me directly (or fill out the form here), and potentially have the house sold – with money in the bank – as little as 7 days from today! In any case, the choice is yours … but we both know that a house sitting vacant is a problem only waiting to get worse, so the sooner you take action, the sooner you can resolve the situation.

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