Questions About Selling To CincyBuyer

How much will you pay me for my home? Will I get “fair market value”?

Especially in this market, where property values are at or below a 20 year low, and houses take an average of about 80 – 100 days to sell (meaning many houses take much longer), the idea of a “fair market value” is highly subjective. While your house may be appraised at one value, in a best case scenario you are likely to get offers of 80-90% of that appraisal.

If the property is listed with a real estate agent, that would be another 5-7% (on average) of the sale price you’ll be paying to your agent at closing. Depending on your situation and contract of sale, you might be responsible for additional closing & title transfer fees. And even with all of those factors, you still aren’t guaranteed a sale. Many sellers end up listing a property on the market for 6 – 12 months, only to eventually sell it for as little as half of their initial asking price — just to get the property sold!

The point is, a “Fair Market Value” is highly subjective, so while it is possible you’d sell your house for a higher price on the open market than you would selling to CincyBuyer, you need to factor in additional expenses & opportunity costs like:

  • Real estate agent fees
  • Asking price vs. offered price
  • Taxes, title transfer, and closing costs
  • Repair, clean-up, and maintenance costs
  • Time on the market
  • Buyers unable to secure financing
  • And many more …

Compare that to selling to a cash investor like me, and you’ll see why – even though our offer might not be as much as your asking price – sometimes it’s worth it to know you can have the house sold in as little as 7-10 days … especially when you also know you’ll be paid in cash (via cashier’s check) at the time of closing.

Do you only buy houses? What about commercial properties / apartments?

While the majority of the properties I buy are single family homes, I am especially interested in buying multi-family units (from duplexes to 200+ unit apartment buildings). Depending on several factors (location, condition, debt, etc), I am also interested in buying a variety of commercial properties, including:

  • Medical buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Light industrial
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Auto dealerships / service garages
  • C-stores / gas stations
  • Retail buildings / storefronts
  • And many more!

Just because you don’t see it on the list doesn’t mean I’m not interested in buying. Ultimately, I’m open to purchasing any form of real estate you have to sell – if we can agree on the right price and terms. If you have any type of commercial property that’s not listed above, but you are looking to sell and think I may be interested, please contact me right away!

Do I need to do any repairs or clean-up before you come to look at my house?

If we get to the point where myself or someone from my team is coming to have a look at your house in person, relax! Remember, I buy houses in “as is” condition, which means my team and I are trained to see the potential in any property – whether it needs minor clean-up & repairs or major renovations. So, when myself or my partners are coming to view your property, the last thing on your mind should be repairs or clean-up.

We have our own teams of clean-up specialists, as well as contractors for everything from light paint jobs to total overhauls & major renovations. Our main purpose for viewing your house will be to examine the property’s foundation, structure, and major systems (things like electric, plumbing, furnace, roof, etc). The cleanliness (or messiness) of the property won’t effect our ability to examine these key factors.

Plus, any clean-up you’re considering would have little to no effect on how we perceive the major structural & systemic elements of the property. Any repairs you may be thinking about are unlikely to “pay for themselves” in terms of an increase in our offered price (if they’d increase it at all). In other words: we buy houses “as is” … so feel free to leave your house “as is.”

The only thing you need to worry about is taking everything from the house you personally would like to keep. Everything else, you can leave to us.

Do you charge any fees for your service?

There are absolutely no fees to work with me, ever! I am happy to research your property and make you a cash offer completely free of charge. Plus, since selling to me is just like selling to any other private buyer, there are no additional fees or costs. All you need to do is contact me here, or simply fill out the form above. I’ll run the numbers on your property and get in touch with a cash offer (as well as any additional questions that arise) as soon as possible.

Even if it turns out that your best option is not selling to me, I’ll continue to provide whatever advice I can and help you pursue the ideal course of action for selling your property. Whether or not you sell to me, there will never be any fees for my research, my cash offer, or for any additional advice & assistance I provide.

You really have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain – even if it is just my added expertise to your decision making process – so please feel free to contact me directly or just fill out the form above & I’ll get back to you soon.

Am I obligated to use your service once I fill out your form?

You are in no way obligated to use the CincyBuyer service – nor are you obliged to sell to me – just because you’ve filled out the form above (or contacted me directly). You are free to go through my process to learn as much as you can about selling your property. The only obligation you’d have would be at the moment of signing our contract of sale.

If it gets to that point, the process is fairly straightforward. First off, we would have already reached a verbal agreement on the price and basic terms – before I ever present you with a written contract.

Then, I’d send over our simple one page contract for your review. Once we’ve both signed the contract, this would represent both yours and my only binding obligation – namely for you to sell your property to me! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. And, if we get to the point when you are reviewing the contract at signing, please also remember to consult your attorney if there are any lingering questions in your mind.

But for now, just remember: you have no obligation whatsoever … to work with me, to sell to me, or anything else … until we have both agreed upon and signed a written contract. Meanwhile, you are welcome to fill out the form above, discuss your property, and ask any questions you may have … all with no risk or obligation.

Do I need to have a real estate agent or real estate broker?

While you are totally welcome to consult a real estate agent or broker, there is no requirement for you to secure the services of one to sell to the CincyBuyer. In many cases, hiring an agent or broker for this type of cash sale to a local investor would actually be counter-productive, as it would add an additional cost on your end – without adding much benefit for the price you’d pay.

Typically, as a seller, one of the biggest values you’d get by hiring a real estate agent or broker is that they would help you find a buyer! Since you’re already reading this now, you’ve already found your potential buyer. The only things a broker could help you with now is in the negotiation and closing process. Since my offer would be totally straightforward, and since the price I can offer is determined based on a time-tested equation of value … the cost-benefit ratio of hiring a broker or agent to sell to me is not in your favor.

That said, many people who want to sell a property to me already have a binding contract with a listing agent, which means that you may find it difficult (if not impossible or illegal) to sell to me without paying a fair share to your real estate agent. That is also 100% ok!

If your property is already under contract with a listing agent, you have three primary options:

  1. Sell to me, through your agent … and simply pay the 5-7% commission to the agent.
  2. Wait to sell to me until your listing contract expires (typically 3-6 months from the initial listing date).
  3. Negotiate with your real estate agent to end the contract early – and to sell to me directly.

In any case, I can help you assess your options, and am happy to speak to your real estate agent if it makes sense. If it turns out that you’d be better off not selling to me, and going a different route (through your real estate agent, or otherwise), I’m happy to admit it with candor and help point you in what I feel would be the best direction for someone in your situation.

Will selling my house to CincyBuyer let me avoid foreclosure?

Depending on your situation, selling your house to a cash investor like me will most likely allow you to avoid foreclosure. If you are facing foreclosure, or are “underwater” in your mortgage, the most important first step is to understand your options. To start, here are a few to consider:

You can also learn more about stopping foreclosure by clicking the relevant links at our “How It Works” page. If you still need additional advice, or have questions, feel free to contact the CincyBuyer directly.