Sell My House When Retiring Cincinnati

Sell My House When Retiring Cincinnati

Selling My Cincinnati House for Retirement - Downsizing for Retirement

Are you retired or getting ready to retire? Are you wondering how to "Sell My House When Retiring Cincinnati?"

If you're planning to sell your Cincinnati house for retirement, to downsize or relocate, we can help.

As local real estate investors & cash buyers, we buy Cincinnati houses of all types, in as-is condition.

Plus, we've worked with hundreds of sellers, like yourself, who are wondering about what to do when selling a house before or during retirement in Cincinnati.


Weighing Your Options: To Sell or Not To Sell Your House for Retirement

Depending on:

  • Your age,
  • Your spouse,
  • Your children & grandchildren,
  • Your lifestyle goals, and
  • Your financial situation,

You have quite a lot to consider when it comes to selling your Cincinnati house & downsizing for retirement.

In our article here, we won't only assume you're definitely going to sell your house...

Let's weigh the options of staying in your house versus selling your Cincinnati house before or during retirement.

Deciding to STAY: Considerations When Choosing NOT to Sell Your Cincinnati House

• Is now a good time to sell the house? Where is the market headed?

While predicting the market is difficult or even impossible, there are timing scenarios when waiting to move can be beneficial.

If you suspect that your home will appreciate, waiting can help you maximize the overall return you make on your home.

Capitalizing on appreciation is very common amongst those who have lived in the same house for a long period of time.

However, this approach is risky. Don't bet your future on which direction the real estate market is headed! Put your life first, and buy & sell real estate based on your lifestyle... not the other way around.

• How much equity have you built up?

If you've moved recently (in the last 5 - 10 years)...

Or if you've taken any reverse mortgages or other loans against your equity in the house...

It might be time to stay in the house & keep paying down your mortgage note before you decide to sell.

If you do not have a lot of equity in your house, waiting and continuing to build equity might be necessary so that you exit the sale of your current house with cash in your pocket for your new home!

If you don't have a lot of equity, you won't be walking away with much... and it's probably worth staying for at least a bit longer before you finally make the move & sell.

• How close are your local family & friends?

If you have family, friends, and social network of support built up all nearby your current residence, you might decide not to sell your Cincinnati house for retirement (unless you're confident you'll be able to relocate somewhere very close by).

For many of us, family is the most important thing --- leaving them can be a challenge, especially at a late stage in life

You may have made friends in the neighborhood over your years of living there.

This is a common factor that retirees struggle with facing, and with good reason: good friends are hard to leave, and a strong social support network --- that you regularly interact with face-to-face --- is one of the most important factors to good health!

• Does your current home hold too much sentimental value to leave?

If you have lived in your home for many years (or decades), you've built significant memories & sentiment around this house over that period of time.

Maybe this is where you raised your kids, or where you've lived longer than anywhere else in your life.

Are you truly ready to leave all this behind, when downsizing / rightsizing your home for retirement?

Sometimes people find it hard to let go of a home that holds so much sentimental value, so consider how you'll feel when the property is sold.


Deciding to SELL: What to Think About When Selling Your Cincinnati House When Retiring

• Will you be pocketing a big chunk of change thanks to all your equity?

One of the biggest reasons many retired people decide to sell their house:

It's paid off, free-and-clear, and therefore will net them the entire selling price straight to their bank account!

If you've built up a lot of equity in your home, after paying down the mortgage for many years (or decades), now is the time to use that to your advantage.

If you sell your Cincinnati home for retirement with a high amount of equity you can potentially buy your next house, as well as stash away thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars toward your retirement fund.

If you've built up a lot of equity, and the current housing market is strong (a "seller's market"), then now's the time to liquidate that equity & turn it into cash by selling your house for retirement.

• Has your house significantly appreciated in value since you bought it?

While the real estate market tends to track relatively closely with inflation (at about 3% gains per year, when averaged over a long enough timeline)...

If you've lived in the same home for 15 - 20+ years, chances are when you bought your house, it was worth a lot less than it is worth today!

If you've not only built up a lot of equity, but also seen the local housing market soar in prices over the years, then selling your Cincinnati house for retirement is a great way to realize those capital gains (straight to your retirement account).

By selling your home and collecting the profits made from appreciation, you can use that money for a plethora of expenses, including buying your new house.

• Is your current house going to be functional long-term?

If you are concerned about mobility & safety, and your current house is large, multi-stories, or a difficult floor-plan, deciding to sell your Cincinnati home when retiring to buy a smaller, single-story ranch home is a wise choice.

Stairs, difficult bathroom layouts, high shelves, and hard to reach basements & rooms all present dangers that only grow larger as we grow older.

Also, consider the grounds & landscaping upkeep.

A big yard can require a lot of labor to maintain --- which either means your time & energy, or your money (or both).

An easy-to-maintain, single story ranch home with a modest yard is a great choice for retirees for all of these exact reasons.

Consider: is your current house going to be functional for the long-term, or would you be better suited selling your home for retirement to buy a smaller, easier to maintain home?


Get Started: How to Sell Your Cincinnati Home When Retiring

Sell your Cincinnati house to us! We buy houses Cincinnati.

If you decide that you do not want to list with a Real Estate Agent or list FSBO (For Sale By Owner), you might want to sell your Cincinnati home to local real estate investors, like ourselves.

Selling to investors can benefit you, as a retiree, in many ways:

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Deciding whether or not to move, and when to move when retiring is a very personal decision.

If you're thinking 'I want to sell my Cincinnati home for retirement', we hope you have learned enough to make this decision a little bit easier.