Sell My House With Owed Back Taxes Cincinnati

Sell My House With Owed Back Taxes Cincinnati

Can You Sell a House With Back Taxes Owed? - Selling House With Property Tax Lien

Do you want to sell your Cincinnati house but owe back taxes to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service)?

Are you wondering "Can I sell my house with back taxes in Cincinnati"?

No problem!

We are here to educate and help you on how to go about selling your Cincinnati real estate with tax liens or back taxes.


How It Works: Sell a House With Back Taxes or Tax Liens in Cincinnati

First, let's go over some information about back taxes and property tax liens.

Back taxes are taxes that were not paid in the year that they were due. While it usually takes more than one year of back taxes piling up before the IRS files a lien on your property... your local county tax assessor will probably not be so kind!

If you haven't paid your property tax in more than a year, chances are good there have been at least one lien(s) filed.

Regardless of how delinquent your taxes are, your debt will continue to accumulate interest and penalties on a regular basis until it is paid.

If You Owe Back Taxes or Have a Tax Lien On Your Property... Don't Wait! Take Action Immediately.

While it's a daunting task:

It is important that you take action on this issue ASAP --- to the best of your current ability --- even if that means simply contacting the tax authority to let them know you're working on it.

Fortunately, you do have options.

The IRS and most other tax collectors would rather negotiate with you on a settlement & payment plan that have to take more drastic actions.

If you decide to keep the property (instead of opting for a fast cash sale to a local investor), consider one of the two following as your next steps:

  • Negotiate a lesser settlement with the IRS directly, yourself.
  • Hire a tax attorney to negotiate on your behalf.

If you own property but owe back taxes, a government taxing authority can file a property tax lien which will need to be paid off before you'll be able to sell your property.

Selling your home to a buyer requires you to convey a clear title. A tax lien means you have what's called a "Cloudy Title" ... and will significantly reduce your options on selling until the lien is removed.

Even if you sell your home with the tax lien on it, the IRS or local tax authority will be the first to get paid out of the Settlement (to cover the debts owed toward the lien(s)), and will be compensated at closing via the HUD directly.

In other words: you'll have to pay off the tax lien no matter what, even when you sell.

The lien can be paid in part or full by equity you have in your property, or out of the sales proceeds you receive at the closing. Or...

You might consider simply selling your property to a local real estate investor, who will handle the lien(s) and Title issues as part of their purchase!


Options When Selling Your Cincinnati Property With Tax Liens

• Add the amount owed to the sale price of your home.

This is not always a feasible strategy because it often times makes the price of your home more expensive than it is worth -- making it harder to sell the home.

Let's say that you do choose to go with this option and it works.

Regardless, the proceeds at the closing will need to be able to pay for the amount of your tax lien.

• Pay off the lien(s) before the Closing.

You have to satisfy the debt of any back taxes or delinquent payments before closing.

If you do not satisfy before closing, then the delinquent amount will be subtracted from your proceeds.

To clarify, it does NOT raise the selling price of the house.

Also, it’s important to inform your agent about the property tax lien so they can help you in calculating the selling costs.

• Negotiate with a Buyer to take care of the lien(s) as part of their purchase agreement.

When you sell to a cash buyer / real estate investor, chances are they've encountered plenty of properties with Cloudy Titles.

Whether it's from Tax Liens, Mechanic Liens, Judgments, or any other form of encumbrances on the Title, your local house flippers & cash buyers will know what it takes to buy a property facing Title issues.

If you'd like to take this route, the best first step is to request our no-obligation cash offer on your property, as-is, regardless of your tax situation!


Selling Your Cincinnati House Even With Back Taxes & Tax Liens.

If you owe back taxes & you want to sell your Cincinnati property, but you can't afford to pay them...

Sometimes the easiest solution is to simply sell your house with back taxes or tax liens to someone who can take over these burdens.

We buy houses in Cincinnati --- even ones that still owe back taxes.

If you want to sell your Cincinnati house with taxes, the first step will be filling out our brief Seller Form here.

Take Action: Get An Offer On Your Cincinnati House With Back Taxes

Selling a house with back taxes or tax liens is a daunting task.

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, you're in the right place. Nobody wants to deal with this situation, but at least we are familiar with the solutions.

Even if you're not sure you're ready to sell, let us help you out!

We can help you sell your Cincinnati house if you owe back taxes!

We buy houses in Cincinnati, and will be happy to help you out of this situation if possible.

Whether or not selling your Cincinnati house with back taxes to a local cash buyer ends up being the right choice, we will be happy to help point you in the right direction.

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

If you're ready to sell your Cincinnati house in as is condition, for cash:

Fill out our Seller Form here for a no-obligation cash offer.