Cash Buyer

CincyBuyer is a Cincinnati real estate cash buyer.

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Since we buy real estate in Cincinnati for cash, financing is never a problem.

This also means that when we make you an offer on your property, we have the means to follow through.

Plus, with access to additional cheap capital from Cincinnati Hard Money Loans & Bank Loans, you won't have to worry about a deal with CincyBuyer falling through due to financing issues.

When you decide to sell to CincyBuyer, you'll never again find yourself in a position expecting a sale to close ... only to find the buyer backing out at the last minute because they couldn't secure financing.

Cincinnati Real Estate Cash Buyer: Ready to Pay in Full at Closing

When you get an offer from me, you can rest assured that I'm ready to pay - in full - for the value of my offer.

You'll receive a cashier's check at time of closing for the total value of our sale, with no hassles or delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Compare that to selling the property yourself or through a real estate agent on the open market, and you can be fairly certain that this type of hassle-free, quick sale is totally out of the question.


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